Today in Sports History: Larry Legend Scores 60

Today in Sports History: Larry Legend Scores 60

On this day in 1985, Larry Bird scored 60 points vs the Atlanta Hawks, setting a franchise record for points scored and field goals made in a single game.

Just nine days earlier, Kevin McHale had dropped 56 in a game. In a post-game interview, Bird mentioned that “he should have gone for 60″. Bird took his own advice and put on an offensive clinic vs the Hawks. Atlanta’s Dominique Wilkins put up 36 in a losing effort (126-115).

Bird played 43 minutes, shot 22-36 from the field, 15-16 from the FT line, and added 7 rebounds and 3 assists. Incredibly, he had just one three-pointer made the whole night. [Box Score]

Fade away. Pull-up jumper. Dribble drive. Step back. Off the screen. Everything was working that night.

Even those on the Atlanta bench couldn’t help but marvel at some of the things Bird was doing. Don’t believe me? Just watch …

What made Bird different from any other player in history was that he never let his athleticism, or lack thereof, limit him. He overcame any such disadvantages with his brains and intuition. His play on the court relied fully on his skills, and not on being a physical specimen.

As fellow Metta Chronicles writer Colin said, “Bird looked perfect because he was about perfection and couldn’t rely on being a great athlete; in reality, he was an awkward, hardworking 6’9 white boy from a farm in Indiana who just knew how to ball.”