Packers Corner Comes Out as a Transformer; Bynum Gets Silly

Packers Corner Comes Out as a Transformer; Bynum Gets Silly

Bynum got a new Dew:

This just went viral a few hours ago, although I had seen this coming for awhile. Andrew Bynum, formerly of the Lakers and currently on the sidelines for the 76ers, recently got a new hair cut:


Now, for those who aren’t familiar with his hair evolution, please check out this diagram provided by SportsCity. I found myself surprised by his constant changing, is he trying to become the new Rodman for basketball hair? Just think what his teammates thought when he rolled at the game, wearing the suit and hanging out on the sidelines. Did they even recognize him? Maybe it would help if he was actually playing and helping out this depleted Philly team. One must ask the question of whether they will resign him after this season, I figure they must. They didn’t give up a TON to get him (although losing your best defender and veteran won’t help a team rebound [get it rebound]), Doug Collins has the opportunity to have a top-3 true center. If he returns in December, he would help Philly move up in the standings (currently 8th in the East), but if he returns later in January (like I suspect), he won’t have as much impact as the team had hoped. Regardless of when he returns, his game and his hair will have a huge impact for the 76ers.

Packers Corner Back Tramon Williams Admits to Being a Robot:


While most NFL fans have referred to Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson as Megatron (since the 2007 release of the Michael Bay flick Transformers), there has been a shocking development for the Lions rival. Green Bay cornerback Tramon Williams recently stated that he is Optimus Prime, the hero of the Transformers series and arch-rival to one Megatron. Without secondary leader Charles Woodson, Optimus errr Williams has decided to take hold of the Autobots to lead Earth to safety from the Decipticons:

I’m definitely Optimus Prime… I’m the leader of the Autobots. I’m the leader of the young guys right now and when it comes down to the tough battles, I’ll lead those guys out there… That’s what’s going down on Sunday — me going against Calvin. He’s going to make some plays and I’m going to make some plays. We’ll see who wins the battle in the end.

Williams held Johnson to just 4 receptions and 49 yards in their 1st meeting of 2011, but got burned for 11 receptions, 244 yards and a TD in the week 17 shootout of the same season. I’m not gonna make any predictions, but I would hedge closer towards the week 17 line for both players. They call Johnson Megatron due to his advanced size, strength and speed. I just hope they won’t call Tramon a robot due to clunkiness.

Megatron vs Optimus Prime, should be an interesting battle.