Breaking down Melo #5

Breaking down Melo #5

Foot Locker recently released a promotional commercial featuring Carmelo Anthony while highlighting his new Foot Locker Gear. This will be remembered as a historic NBA commercial, not only due to it’s hilarious nature (5 Melos! A team like that would put up 140 a night, but still lose) but also it’s subtle racial overtones.

(0:00-0:02): Wow, Landry Fields kicks it with Melo even though he signed with the Raptors. If anything, Landry shouldn’t be chillin with Melo, his numbers noticeably went south upon the Knicks acquiring the All-Star SF. Maybe he didn’t like sharing time with both Wilson Chandler & Danilo Gallinari? At least Melo’s got some nice kicks.

(0:02-0:07): Melo hired extra Melo’s so he could wear all his Foot Locker gear at the same time? Ingenious! He could probably afford it due to his bloated contract and his career earnings (maybe Foot Locker paid Melos 2-5?). But why does Melo have a smirk on his face, does he have to share them with Lala? Maybe Landry’s retort of “what?” is a subconscious reaction to my previous thought.

(0:07-0:09): Ok, so THERE are these Melo’s Melo is talking about. At first glance, they match the ultra-smooth wing from Syracuse. Especially Melo #2 & #3.

(0:09-0:10): I take that back, Melo #4 looks like a solid doppelganger. He’s rocking the Air Jordan shirt though… no Knicks love? They certaintly need it after this summer of bad press. Maybe Melo #4 is trying to remind everyone that Melo put up 37 points in the olympics against Nigeria.

(0:10-0:11): Melo #5! Maybe not a dead on copy of the original Melo, but let’s hear him talk first. Maybe he’s got the voice down.

(0:10-0:14): Why are they snacking on potatoes chips? Not a good source of energy, they take a while to digest in Melo’s system, especially since all 5 of them are eating them. Maybe he’s having a little post-Olympics celebration. Just remember Melo, unlike Kobe, those will be in the gym shooting with you.

(0:15-0:17): Ut-oh Landry, you just got the Melo face… Don’t ever encounter the wrath of the Melo face.

(0:17-0:20): … awkward silence, I think Landry needs to stop snitching.

(0:20-0:22): Apologize? That’s it? Melo, you’re not exactly the one to correct people on apologizing. You need to talk to D’Antoni first and say your sorry for getting him fired. Landry, I know this may come as a rediculous request, but you have a Stanfurd education. Make the smart move, say your peace and apologize, then get out of there before the Melo face returns during your video games.

(0:22-0:24): “I’m sorry… Melo #5″? That’s it Landry? Nothing more. Did you really have to give the Landry face as well, I know your buddy Jeremy Lin isn’t in the commercial to do your awesome handshake, but feel better. You just got 19 Mill from a Canadian team to eventually back up DeMar Derozan and Terrence Ross!

(0:24-0:25): Melos #2-4 seem unimpressed, probably offended by Landry’s statement.

(0:25-0:31): “It’s ok” mutters Melo #5…. really? C’mon man, at least fake a deeper voice to make you sound more like Carmelo. That’s just weak, maybe Landry is right after all.